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General instructions

  • Spread thin layer of powder to the ski
  • Melt the powder to the ski with an iron (160-170 Cº)
  •  with 0- and 1 -powder iron is warm enough, when some "stardust" comes after iron.
  • Cool down the ski
  • Brush up the powder and leave the dust on the top of ski.
  • Melt the brush dust again to the ski with an iron.
  • Cool down the ski and brush the ski with horse hair and nylon brush

(At cold weather last powder layer should be attached by cork)


Synthetic Optiwax- Hard Powder is wax for low humidity and aggressive snow. This wax has very high durability so it will be good choice for long races.



  • Spread a thin layer of powder to the ski.
  • Melt the powder to the ski with iron (160 - 170 C)
  • Allow the ski coll down then scrape extra wax away.
  • Brush the ski with fine steel or brass brush and finish brushing with nylon brush.
  • Final brushing can be done it outside in the cold weather, this will give extra speed for the ski.



  • Optiwax Grip powder


  1. Apply a thin layer of powder on each end of the grip zone. (aprox. 5-10cm)
  2. Spread the powder on the top of the grip wax using your finger or a cork.
  3. Test powder effectiveness by skiing. If grip properties did not decrease, you can apply powder to the whole grip zone.

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